Falconry And Bird Of Prey Education




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We provide abatement services, educational programs, Falconry Experiences, Guided Hunts, and much, much more!

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                What We are All About

Hawk Manor Falconry is a company who's foundation was, and is, built around the oldest sport known to man: Falconry ( the art/sport of training and hunting with birds of prey).  

Bird abatement (the detouring / removal of nuisance birds) being the major part of the buisness, Hawk Manor Falconry also specializes in education programs; schools, scouts, birthday parties, etc., team building/corporate events, guided hunts, weddings, and any other event you may have that require something a little different.  No matter the event, you and your guests will walk away entertained and educated on birds of prey.  We guarantee an experience of a lifetime!