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Hunting Season is mid- November through the last day of February.   Look forward to seeing you in the fall!


                         Guided Falconry Hunts

Falconry is the oldest hunting sport known to man.  It dates back almost 5,000 yrs!  It is the purest of all hunting sports because unlike many ways of hunting, when hunting with a bird of prey it is a level playing field and everyone knows they are in the game.

Being a falconer, I am truly blessed to have been able to, and continue to, experience hunting with the greatest hunters on the planet!  These marvelous creatures never cease to amaze me.  Hunting with them is like National Geographic up close and personal.  Being able to establish a relationship with these amazing animals where they allow you to join them doing what they do in nature and being allowed to participate and assist them is a truly spiritual experience.

I invite you to come and experience the oldest hunting sport known to man with me and my gang!  This may very well be a once in a life time experience.  An experience that will NEVER be forgotten!!

See different species of raptors hunting; from Red Tail Hawks and Harris Hawks to Peregrine Falcons and Gos Hawks.  Experience these birds hunting a wide variety of game.  Squirrels, rabbit, ducks, and more!

Learn about the practice of falconry and how the different birds hunt in such different styles, where they reside in nature, and what equips them to survive in the environments in which they live. 

We offer 1/2 day hunts to all inclusive weekends

Hawk Manor will customize your experience according to what you want to see.  All hunts include the opportunity call a bird to your gloved hand and have your photo taken with the birds.

*All hunts include drinks, and snacks.  All full day hunts also include lunch.

*All inclusive trips also include home made breakfast and dinner every night!

*Ask us about our wild game feast where you can experience a meal of such things as duck, squirrel and rice, rabbit soup, and deer just to name a few items!

As we like to customize our experiences uniquely for each group we request you call for pricing.