Education is important  and should be fun!!  Our education programs are designed for old and young alike and are just as entertaining as they are educational.  What could be more awesome than learning about the history of falconry (the oldest hunting sport known to man), physiology of birds of prey, and environmental importance of these incredible animals!

I believe that if you can entertain, you can educate without your audience knowing whats happening!

Our Education programs consist of multiple species birds of prey including hawks, falcons, and owls.  Along with an interactive experience with our birds, our audiences will learn about the history of falconry (where and how it began and its importance in royal life during medieval times), physiology of birds of prey, and how they are so important to our environment.  All this while enjoying flight demonstrations and simulated "hunts" with a lure.

Schools * Home-school groups*  Scout Groups *   Corporate Gatherings *   Private Parties  *  Festivals  *  Civic Organizations  *  and much more

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Falconry And Bird Of Prey Education





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