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Awesome 2-hr experience today for our whole family. Both girls ages 8 and 4 learned a lot, were included in the demonstrations and engaged by the energetic teachers. The birds were impressive and everyone got hands on. That facilities were perfect to be indoors if rainy or too hot/cold. We felt like a part of the Gentry family and were invited to stay after and visit with their other farm animals/pets. Highly recommend this and we will do it again. Looking forward to a hunting trip next time.

Had an excellent, informative intro to Hawks and other birds of prey today with Chip. My sons learned so much. Chip is passionate about his work with birds of prey and was able to answer any and all questions we had for him, he kept the attention of the boys, which pleased me so! We also had a chance to hold the birds and let them fly to us, and actually pet some of them. It was an impressive and inspiring experience for us!

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My wife and I did the 2 hour experience this past Saturday which ended up being about 3 1/2 exceptionally well spent hours. Saying that this was a fantastic experience would be a gross understatement and not come close to doing justice to Chip and Summer as well as their amazing birds. This event was one of the most fun, entertaining and educational experiences I believe I have ever had and well worth the 2 1/2 hour drive from Charlotte through the countryside to attend. 
I would strongly encourage anyone that has thought about this or is currently deciding if they want to make the trip to Lillington to just say YES! You won't be disappointed.

I had a great experience on the hunt we were guided on. Watching these birds do what they do best plus all the hard work and training that’s gone into making them a falconer’s bird was a sight to see and was never dull. Our trip ran like a well-oiled machine - Chip and Summer are as professional as they are warm and accommodating. I plan to book another trip.

This was a fabulous experience  ‼️ Chip , quite the showman himself , led us on quite an educational trip full of demonstrations by his awesome birds of prey. A comfortable venue complete with southern hospitality and refreshments. Seriously thinking of returning for the hunting with the birds offer. You can tell that he and Summer really have a passion for their birds and their way of life. Kudos and thanks for a genuine learning experience.

Much respect to Chip and Summer for having such a special place to learn about the unique relationships between Raptors and Humans. I didn't expect to learn as much as I did and the experience I had there was beyond unique and I will treasure it for years to come. Thank you so much for doing this! Simply awesome! 



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Coolest day at Hawk Manor! We just several hours not only learning about raptors in a personal setting, and seeing them up close, but also holding and touching them. You MUST visit Summer and Chip and have the great pleasure of meeting their brood (literally). Eli is one of their Harris Hawks, a social dessert dwelling raptor. Annabelle is their stunning and sweet Barn Owl. Pandora is a hybrid Peregrine Falcon, the fastest animal in the world who can dive at speeds over 200 mph AND 11 G’s. And many more. We each had a personal encounter with the birds, and we learned so much! In a demonstration our thirteen year old son, Luke, was asked to play the part of a cadge, who in medieval days carried the kings hunting raptors to the site of a hunt and retrieved the game. It was a perilous job because if the raptor ate part of the game before the cadge could get to it, the cadge was then punished by being tied down and letting a raptor take the same amount of flesh out of him. Gross! Hawk Manor reiterated the vital job of raptors and the important role they play in keeping the rodent population under control. Truly fascinating! 
Check out these pictures and you’ll want to visit Hawk Manor (who also does falcon hunts~my husband & I would LOVE to go on one of those, Homeschool group tours

Hi Chip and Maggie,
Sorry I could not figure out where to leave feedback when I clicked on the feedback spot, so am just sending you an email to let you know how much we enjoyed today's experience.  We were so impressed with your knowledge and the stories you shared about your experiences, and we were very excited about our encounters with all the birds of prey.  Dane especially loved the Peyton, the Red Tailed Hawk, and I loved Ely, the Barn Owl. You are both so engaging, making the 4 hours go by much faster than we would ever have imagined.  Definitely a five star experience!!  I also really appreciated the story at the end about the value of keeping captive birds - we loved seeing such healthy, well kept birds and knowing they have such good, long lives.
Dane thought if you haven't read Helen Macdonald's H Is for Hawk, that you would enjoy it. We will invite our kids and grandkids to visit, though I think I told our son has already signed on for a hunt. 
The Magnolia burgers and fries were amazing - thank you for the recommendation.  All in all, a great way to spend a Saturday!!
Thanks again, 
Virginia Perry