Having an issue with nuisance birds??  Whether it's pigeons or starlings, geese or gulls, we can fix your problem!  Hawk Manor Falconry utilizes an all "green", all natural, environmentally safe method to getting rid of nuisance birds. 



Falconry And Bird Of Prey Education




Why Birds OF Prey??

Because it Works!!

There are many products on the market designed to try and get rid of nuisance birds, however, the one that works is the one mother nature herself created.  Predator vs. prey is the only sure way to get rid of your problem.  Birds such as pigeons get used to loud noises and shiny things blowing in the wind.  Fake owls only make for a great roosting spot and other devices simply deteriorate with time and the elements.  If you want results, take a look at the way things work in the wild and duplicate it.  This is what we do.  The introduction of raptors to an area with nuisance birds reprograms those birds and makes them understand that where they are currently is not the place they want to be.  Just isn't good for longevity! 

Abatement work is our backbone. It is what we pride ourselves in.......  knowing that we can get rid of your nuisance birds and make your property, airport, golf course, or public area a cleaner, safer, healthier place, free of pesky birds.

Letters of Recommendation

Hawk Manor offers turn-key projects.  We will eliminate your bird problem, clean up all the mess they have made, and repair any damage created, and consult/ install preventative devices to keep them from returning in the future.

As all jobs are different, we customize all of our projects, not only to fit our customers needs, but to also fit their budgets. 

​​​Hawk Manor Falconry is not your average  bird control company! We have something the others don't.  The owner is a Master Falconer and holds a federal abatement permit.  

Abatement; the act or state of abating or the state of being abated; reduction;decrease; alleviation; mitigation.



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Along with the utilization of birds of prey to rid you of nuisance birds, Hawk Manor Falconry also has many other "tools" in our tool box.  We are also professional installers of many preventative products.  

                                    Netting, Avishock, Spikes, and of course.....Frankie!​