What's Happening at Hawk Manor Falconry!

2hr. Falconry Experiences!!!

This is a chance to have an intimate encounter with multiple species of bird of prey.  Educational and entertaining!  This is your opportunity to learn about the sport of falconry and the birds of prey used in the sport, see the birds fly an interact with us, and have the chance to actually hold and have a photo taken with you and one of our raptors. 

The is an event for all ages!!

Our Falconry Experiences have been going on since April of 2014 and will continue throughout most of the winter months.  We will have a few black-out dates so please check the "Events Schedule" below and remember.....when you find the date that works for you give us a call or shoot us an email to schedule.  

                               Admission may be purchased directly through Hawk Manor Falconry if you have not already purchased a Groupon.

Special deal is Only $65

​Kids under 10yrs $40

Cost is normally $150

*If you have Groupons, please ignore expiration dates that may be listed on them as they DO NOT apply




Hawk Manor Falconry



587 Joe Collins Rd.

LIllington, NC  27546



and Artists 

Interested in coming out and doing some photography or using the birds as models from which to paint?  Give us a shout!  We offer session designed especially for you!



Falconry And Bird Of Prey Education





If you enjoy being out in nature and want to see birds of prey in their natural environment doing what they do best.... now is your chance.  This opportunity not only includes getting to observe these awesome animals on a live hunting adventure but you will also get to the chance to call one of these birds to your fist for a photo op your friends will not believe!!

​​Hunting season ends the last day of February.